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Ahead of this weeks fixtures in ESEA Main on Tuesday & Friday, we spoke to Viperio CSGO In Game Leader 🇬🇧 Lloyd “LJM” Murphy about how he feels going into the next few matches, after suffering 0W-3L in the first 3 fixtures of the season so far.

Still hunting for a first win of the ESEA Main Season, we asked LJM about his game plan going into games 4 & 5:

“I didn’t expect to be still hunting for our first win by now. The game plan is to continue to take each matchup it as it comes, and not be phased by any specific opponents. Our next official is on Nuke, so we are just trying to get the most reps on the map as we can.”

While the core of the team had been practicing for weeks ahead of the ESEA season, a late roster change meant that the roster had to be changed just a week before the start of the season. The team welcomed 🇺🇸 Kevin “Magic” Simpson just days before their first match of the league. LJM stated:

“The roster change affected us quite negatively, as we had invested so much time into practicing based on that line-up. To have such an adverse change right before the start of a season made us panic, but overall I’m very happy with the pick up of Kevin.”

Viperio’s next 3 opponents in ESEA Main are FALKN, Diffendo & DIVIZON. When asked if any stood out as tough opponents, LJM said:

“I don’t really have any preconceptions about these line-ups, but if i had to single someone out, I would likely put Falkn as the hardest opponent. I think Divison & Diffendo are around the same skill level.”

With a current record of 0W-3L, the team are obviously on the back foot this season. The obvious goal at this stage is to avoid relegation into ESEA Intermediate, however a few easier opponents might allow for some wins moving into the middle phase of the season. When asked about playoff qualification, LJM had the following view:

“Realistically, playoffs is a long shot. I do believe we have the talent to still achieve it, however it will be hard knowing that we are chasing for the rest of the ESEA season. With our record right now, good practice is key to help us achieve the results we want.”

You can watch LJM and the team fight for their first win via our Twitch channel from 7pm tonight (Tuesday 15th September). Make sure to follow LJM on Twitter to stay up-to-date with his perspective as IGL.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.

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