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Viperio formerly announce the departure of 🇬🇧 Lloyd ‘LJM‘ Murphy, the In-Game Leader for Viperio CSGO.

In his short time under the organisation, Joining ahead of ESEA Season 35, Lloyd represented Viperio in 10 ESEA Main league matches. Lloyd stated a loss of interest in competitive CSGO for the reason of his departure.

While the Viperio organisation strives for stability in its teams, forcing a player to compete when there is little motivation can have adverse results on team performance. Viperio will actively be looking for a permanent replacement for Lloyd, and will likely use a temporary stand-in for this weeks ESEA Main matches against cooL Gaming IDM & Eruption.

Lloyd has left on good terms with the organisation, and Viperio would like to wish Lloyd the best of luck in whatever ventures he does next, and thank him for the time and effort invested into the Viperio brand.

We will continue to post roster updates via our website & social media as decisions are made.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.

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