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In an interview, Danish CS2 player Kim “mAnGo” Larsen gave his thoughts following the team’s 2-1 defeat versus Lazer Cats.


How are you finding the new roster, and in particular, being able to play in your preferred role (AWP)?

“I think the team is showing good chemistry already, and that is something that is crucial for our own individual performances, such as not be afraid to make mistakes. I’m feeling very confident using the AWP in this roster as it has always been my preferred position, however in CS2, I think the AWP is not as strong and can be as just as useful as a rifle, so it is all about adjusting to that.”

What are your thoughts on your performance, and the team’s performance, in the Lazer Cats game fixture yesterday?

“My performance in the Lazer Cats game could have been better. It is normally always like this if you lose a game, you immediately think what and how you could have performed better.”

“The first two maps were fine, but Inferno was a bit unlucky. Overall, even if you win a map or a BO3, there is always something that you can change or fix.”

With a busy month of difficult competition, how do you see the team performing come the end of January?

“There is no doubt that January is going to be a difficult month. We have a large amount of officials, so we have to stay focused. Regardless, it is good practice for a new roster to have lots of officials against tough competition, so I think January will be a good month for us regardless of results.”

Your next fixture is against Navi Junior on Sunday the 7th, how do you think this will play out?

“I think it will be a good BO3. We are all feeling confident going into this match up even though we are 0-1 in our group.”

Any other comments?

“There is no doubt that I think the team all feel that we have to play a lot more together to be more confident and have smoother gameplay. The chemistry we have on this roster is already well established, so I think that help us grow and reach out potential.”

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.