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We chatted with Viperio player Marco “MMS” Salomone about today’s Major Qualifier run, playing teams like 00Nation, and his own mum supporting him in Twitch chat.


This was the first time we saw what the team was capable of, how did it feel in the server today?

“We definitely felt a lot better than some of our previous days, I think everyone is starting to settle in nicely, and it showed today with our performances against some really good teams. We still only have very few days of practice together, so days like this are really important for boosting team morale.”

Talk to us about the come back vs Espionage, how did the team stay so resilient?

“We had a plan and just kept to it. We knew they was winning some scrappy rounds so it is just important to keep cool headed and focus on the next rounds. I think we did a good job of that today, and that game was proof of that.”

How did it feel to play against a team like 00Nation so early into this rosters creation?

“00Nation are a really solid and well established tier 2 team, so it was always nice to have a challenge. With that being said, I think even though we didn’t put up our best performance, it is nice to see that we have the capability of making a deep run into challenging tournaments like the RMR qualifiers.”

Lastly, your mum made an appearance in the Twitch chat today which was awesome to see, is she a big fan?

“Ha ha ha, yeah, my whole family have supported me and watched most of my games since I started playing against a higher level of competition towards the end of 2022, so I appreciate them for that – shout out to my mum!”

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.