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We sat down with Viperio Counter-Strike veteran Marco “MMS” Salomone to ask some questions about the team’s upcoming month of stacked competition.


“How do you feel going into a January filled with tough competition, with a relatively new roster?”

Marco: “I am feeling pretty confident. Individually, I think I am playing pretty well at the moment. Getting straight back into practice and tournaments is always good after a break as it brings a fresh mindset into the team.”

“I think this roster has a really high skill ceiling. I’ve enjoyed playing with both Kim and Jan so far, they are both really good players, and I think based of their skill alone we can do very well in this first full month together regardless of competition.”


“Some people believe other teams should have been invited to some of your upcoming competitions over you. What do you have to say about this, and where do you think this roster ranks against your UK counterparts?”

Marco: “I think they are forgetting who won the most tournaments last year, but as always, we will keep proving ourselves and gain the recognition we deserve. The only rosters I see being a challenge to us domestically is probably Verdant as they have shown great consistency in recent events, alongside Endpoint.”


“You have previously qualified and played in a RMR, what are you doing to give yourself and the team the best chances of qualifying again?”

Marco: “Just got to keep grinding, that is what got myself and the previous line-up to the RMR, and I hope to do the same with my current teammates. Creating that atmosphere of saying to ourselves “we can always strive to be better” is so important, no matter if we beat a really good team or perform well.”


Viperio’s Counter-Strike team has a packed schedule this month, and will be competing in United 21 Season 10, the PGL Major Copenhagen 2023 European Open Qualifiers, and ESL Pro League Season 19 European Conference.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.