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With the Northern Premier League (NPL) 2022 Finals just over a month away, we spoke to Commercial Director and Co-Owner Brodie Mulvaney about his feelings ahead of the concluding games of the NPL’s inaugural season.


For those that don’t know who you are, tell us a little about yourself and your journey with Viperio to date.
I met Viperio Founder Chris Sword through sixth form. After finding a common interest in Counterstrike, we began chatting and I joined Viperio back in early 2016 as part of Viperio’s CSGO roster. I represented Viperio online and at two offline events (LANOps and Insomnia 58). I then moved into management and have been helping in the exec unit of Viperio since.


Looking back on the NPL Regular Season, how do you think Viperio 86 have performed versus community expectations?
After a tremendous 2021, I think there was definitely pressure for Viperio 86 to replicate that success coming into 2022. After the first half of the season, we were a little behind where we would have hoped following 2 games without ASTRO. Having brought in legendary player Hungry for the latter half, we definitely had one of the most competitive rosters in Europe let alone just the NPL. Finishing 3rd in what is regarded as Europe’s strongest regional league is definitely an achievement. If we had our starting roster for all games, I’m confident we could have finished 2nd.


Winning the NPL Playoffs last month, how much confidence does that give you ahead of the Finals stage?
Finishing first and only dropping one map to Victus, I’m feeling really confident for Viperio 86. As well as winning the EUCL Qualifier #1, Viperio 86 are looking really good. I think there is low pressure on the squad considering Challenger League is near guaranteed at this point. I think this will be advantageous.


Facing TENSTAR in round one of Finals, what are your thoughts?
I’ve never been more excited for an event where a Viperio roster is competing. With Heroic going through changes, I believe we have the toughest opponent in round one of the bracket. TENSTAR are definitely a strong opponent having gone 1-1 against them in the regular season, but I’m confident Viperio 86 will be able to put up a top performance. The last time we played each other was one of my favourite games to watch to date. I think viewers are going to be in for a treat once again.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.