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With a month break from official matches, the Viperio 86 roster are continuing to work hard ahead of their next fixtures. At the end of August, the roster play in the UKI Nationals Summer 2021 Finals stage, along with Natus Vincere, cowana Gaming & MnM Gaming. We spoke with Viperio 86 player 🇬🇧 Callum ‘Neo‘ Humphries to learn more about how preparations are going ahead of their first game, versus cowana Gaming.

How are preparations for UKIN Premier Finals going?

“Our preparations for UKI Nationals Finals are going well. We are working on the team outside the game as we believe that’s what will benefit us most.”

Your first opponent is Cowana, how do you feel about this?

“We feel pretty confident. We’ve already shown that we can beat them and it’s our plan to do so again, especially considering they are still playing with their coach and not their full roster.”

Who do you think the player to watch on Viperio 86 will be in the coming games?

“I don’t think there’s anyone in particular to watch. One of our strengths is that I believe we all have the capability to have a stand out game. Anyone can show up on the day.”

Do you feel like finals will be useful in the team’s preparation for Challenger League?

“The finals will definitely be useful for us. Getting as much official game experience is always beneficial for a team, especially against European League teams. Finals will definitely help us with conquering nerves for CL.”

You can follow Neonical on Twitter: @neonicalr6

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.