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After a 7-5 victory versus Natus Vincere last Wednesday, one of Europe’s leading esports clubs, Viperio 86 made a statement in the Northern Premier League after being the first non-EUL roster to take a win versus one of the two EUL line-ups competing this season.

Following the victory, the broadcast talent had a lot to say about both the roster and the Viperio organisation. Commentator Gerry Brazell highlighted that this result “was an unexpected one. This was the big upset we’ve been waiting for. It’s a Huge deal, Viperio 86 were brilliant.”

Another commentator to speak highly of the team was Morgan “Novicaine” Palmer, who commented:

“Viperio 86 have showed up. They’ve shown us that this team can build championship winning teams consistently. They’ve done it before and they’re showing to us they can do it again.”

Novicaine further expanded stating that beating a professional league side in the Norther Premier League was a real achievement: “Viperio 86, hats off, its genuinely that impressive.” Novicaine believed that the result was due to incredible talent both on and off the server:

“I think that really goes behind the scenes to the guys that run Team 86 and Viperio, that collaboration. It goes to show that not just the players, but the staff, coaches, the people behind the scenes, are really contributing to that success. Genuine praise towards the org.”

Viperio 86’s next fixture in the Northern Premier League is this Tuesday at 6pm (BST), where we will see the Vi.perio side take on Finish organisation RCTIC.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.