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In the team’s debut match in the UKLC, Viperio managed to secure a victory against UKLC Summer 2020 champions Nvision in convincing fashion. In a series of Tweets, League of Legends Colour Caster Alex ‘Nymaera’ Hapgood shared his thoughts on Viperio following the game.

Nymaera commented on how despite only fielding 2 out of 5 from last season’s starting line-up, in the team’s fixture versus NVision, Viperio demonstrated a very similar style of play. With the same coaching staff, and a pre-established coaching metholodology, this can be expected from a Viperio team looking to build on from their performance in the UKEL in spring 2021.

Nymaera went on to further Tweet about one player in particular:

@HasseHolm has kept the form he found in the UKLC Relegation tournament too, the Alistar is the crux of this whole game from VIP.

Hasse was seen as a key player within the Viperio spring line-up, making retaining him a key priority for the organisation. Hasse performing well in his debut fixture in the UKLC is a promising sign that he has what it takes to use his experiences in the UKEL to succeed in the tier above.

Nymaera finished his comments with a brief analysis of Viperio’s style of play:

Seriously, this is classic VIP, sometimes flip early plays, but if they have go-buttons in the mid-late game they wield them like sledgehammers. Wasn’t sure if they’d retain that style coming into UKLC with roster changes, but I suppose they have.

Viperio did have a rocky start in the first 10 minutes of the series versus NVision, with the opposing side looking like they’d have the game bag, especially once the NVision side was 3 drakes up over Viperio. However, Viperio managed to find form, and begin to win crucial team fights to pull them back into the game.

You can follow Nymaera on Twitter: @nymaera

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.