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After a 2-0 loss to Navi Junior with a quadruple overtime defeat on Vertigo, we asked hot-prospect Jan “Pandi7o” Holák his views on the series, how he stays focused across long matches, and aims for January.


Although you lost the Navi Junior game, your performance stood out. Give us some insight into how you think the game went?

“There is always something to fix when looking back at a defeat, and it showed in this game. It’s clear that this roster is not in some form of “honeymoon” period which initially may seem bad, however it means we can see the issues straight away and fix them even earlier.”

“As for my personal performance, I think I played well considering we lost. I had prepared by watching some of their previous matches and VODs, so I went in with as much knowledge as I could, which helped me personally a lot within the server.”

Quadruple over-time makes for a long game, how do you stay focused and mentally stable across such a long map?

“It can definitely be difficult to stay focused across long matches, especially when it goes into four overtimes. We are quite a mentally resilient team, and we are quite good at trying our best to stay focused and keep our heads down through the whole fixture.”

“This game in particular was a little bit harder to stay focused with Navi Junior’s playstyle tied with the fact that we were playing a map that isn’t our strongest.”

You have only really been in this roster for 1 month or so now, how are you finding it?

“I’m really pleased with the guys and the team dynamics at current. It is nice seeing a different perspective on the game from players like Marco and Reegan that I have not been exposed to before as much.”

“It is obviously hard to comment on how we are performing at this point in time as we have only practiced for something like nine days together, but I am pleased with how it has been managed so far.”

Where would you like to see the team come the end of January in terms of results and performance?

“The main target is to be improving everyday, fixing any issues for any upcoming tournaments, and getting more playoff appearances across current and future competitions. Right now, we are focused on getting ready for EPL conference, I’m eager to show what we are capable of.”