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Following a 2-1 victory versus Delta Project in the UKI Nationals Rainbow Rumble, we spoke to Viperio 86 Head Coach 🇫🇷 Joseph “Px7 ” Bouton to hear his thoughts on the series.

When questioned about losing Map 1, Joseph thought the team’s fragging ability was the factor which let the team down the most:

“We really struggled to get into the game from a fragging perspective. The firepower wasn’t there even though we have some really good gunners…. It showed when Curly, the hard support playing hard positions on defence, who isn’t supposed to get many frags, is top fragging for most of the game. It shows your team is kinda struggling when supports are out- fragging entries.”

When thinking about Maps 2 & 3, Joseph talked about how the team turned it around to win the remaining maps:

“After the first map, the debrief was stop freaking out, lets listen to each other… Clubhouse was their pick, Chalet was our pick. We felt more comfortable, had a good start and just kept it rolling for the rest of the series.”

When asked who stood out in the series, Joseph emphasised that every player had standout moments at some point during the series:

“I can’t pick anyone that stood out throughout the whole series because everybody really had their moments. I think Curly was pretty good on Clubhouse, Nudl has been really good on Chalet, and Erkkari has been really really good on Oregon. I’m not just talking kills. Of course kills are important but I’m also talking ideas, communication and everything. These three really shined across these maps.”

To wrap up, Px7 gave his thoughts ahead of the next series:

“I don’t think we will prepare that much. Not because we’re lazy, but it makes sense to not prepare too much. We’re a young team, and a young team doesn’t over-prepare by bombarding players with information when they already need to figure out how to play our game, fixture out how to help their teammates. Adding stuff on top is too much.”

“MnM are probably not playing to their full potential, as they have the six invitational qualifier to play. They’re certainly going to play seriously and try to win of course, but its not like they’re going to come with incredible strats, or give away info ahead of that.”

You can follow 🇫🇷 Joseph “Px7 ” Bouton on Twitter: @Px7__

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.