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Viperio’s win streak is extended to 6 wins, as Viperio defeat Mythos Gaming for the second time this split.

The match started quite slow, with both sides scaling in the early game. Mythos started strong, getting both the first blood and the two drakes, however they did have a composition which allowed them do dominate in the early game. Vipeiro began to show their force, with both JonnyREcco and Killakin looking unstoppable in team fights. After a rift herald, catching up in drakes, and getting Baron, Viperio looked like victors as they continuously battered the Mythos side in team fights.

The historical matchup, currently the longest running series in UKEL history since season one, makes the overall record since summer 2019, 4W-1L in favour of Viperio. The victory sees viperio firmly cement 2nd place in the UKEL regular split, with our next match a battle people have been waiting for, our rematch against division leaders Demise Academy on Thursday.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.