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After a 7 win victory streak, we fall to NerdRage in the last match of the the UKEL regular season. NerdRage were strong from the start, getting first blood just after the 3 minute mark. In4 wanted to trade, getting a kill in the top lane, however he fell to a NerdRage player shortly after.

Viperio moved in to take early objectives, safely securing the first dragon of the match, an ocean drake, however NerdRage weren’t having any of it, winning the first team fight in the bot river with three kills versus Viperio’s one. This ultimately led to NerdRage getting a dragon of their own, a cloud drake. Despite the kill difference, the game was still pretty open at this point. A two-for-one trade in mid going in favour of NerdRage however meant the blue side could get their second dragon, a mountain drake.

From this point, the end had already begun, with a strong NerdRage team winning most team fights, allowing them to continuously take objectives. The match ended with NerdRage destroying the Viperio nexus with ease.

The victory means that Viperio’s head-to-head record with NerdRage this season is currently 1W-1L. The loss cements Viperio’s regular season finish in 2nd place with a 10W-4L record.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.