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Last night, Viperio secured their 8th win of the UKEL Spring 2021 Regular Season, firmly cementing the team in second place before the last 3 games of the split.

The game started off strong for Viperio as they picked up 2 kills in response to the first blood from Hyve. Using this lead Viperio were able to pick up 3 kills and steal away the first drake of the game from Hyve.

Viperio were also able to secure the first Rift Herald which is dropped bot lane while In4 picks up a solo kill in the top lane. Viperio were able to use this lead to snowball into the late game securing all of the remaining drakes to secure the dragon soul whilst warding off Hyve’s advances towards the Viperio base.

The game came to a conclusion after a team fight around baron went 2-0 in Viperio’s favour which allowed them to push into Hyve’s base and destroy the Nexus.

The victory means that Viperio currently have a 8W-3L record in the regular split, with a 2W-0L record against Hyve, who we had been tied with for most of the season until now. Viperio play again tomorrow against Mythos Gaming at 2pm (GMT).

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.