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For the first time in UKEL history, Viperio defeat LDN UTD in the UKEL. THe win is also the first win for Viperio against LDN UTD since the UKLC 2020 Summer Qualifiers.

Today’s match started with a first blood in the bot lane for Viperio, followed quickly by a LDN UTD trade onto hasse. The bot lane seemed to be the area of the map with the most action, as this interaction was quickly followed by a 1v2 trade in favour of LDN UTD.

At the time of the first dragon, LDN UTD were able to pickup a cloud drake with relative ease, however Viperio did try to punish, resulting in a solo kill, bringing the kills equal. LDN UTD were also able to pick up a Rift Herald. Kazz did get a kill onto a LDN UTD player in an attempt to stop the Rift Herald, which failed to destroy the bot lane tower where it was placed.

Fortunately for LDN UTD, they were able to capture their second dragon, an Infernal Drake, giving them a two dragon lead over the Viperio side. The LDN UTD side then went back into the bot lane, finally destroying the first tower of the game.

Viperio did not want to be bullied around despite LDN UTD getting early objectives. A kill in mid from Kazz helped Viperio get their first tower, which also led into a one-for-one team fight. After a little stalemate, Viperio managed to get 3 more kills, allowing them to move onto the first Ocean dragon of the game.

Viperio continued their momentum with JonnyREcco getting a kill in the bot lane, following into another tower kill. Viperio push for a second ocean drake, and while LDN UTD were tempted to challenge, they fell back after realising the fight could be risky. Viperio then secured their second Ocean dragon without challenge. In a little overconfidence, In4 tried to push to kill the remaining LDN UTD players, however he fell after overextending.

LDN UTD weren’t out just yet. They managed to kill Baron Nashor, securing a baron buff for their team, however Viperio walk in straight after winning a team fight 4 kills to 2. With another solo kill in the mid lane, Viperio are allowed onto the 3rd ocean drake, making it even in the race to soul.

Repeating history, LDN UTD go for Baron again, which they successfully take, however, Viperio’s push for a team fight ends with only a one-for-one trade. After a little repositioning and map movement, a triple kill in mid for Viperio get s the red side their 4th drake, and Ocean Soul. The Viperio side try to push onto the LDN UTD nexus, and even kill the remaining player coomecoom, but Viperio fall back, not risking a team fight with the respawning LDN UTD players. This move ultimately allows Viperio to take their first Baron Nashor buff of the game.

In an attempt to challenge, LDN move in on the Viperio side, however Kazz gets 3 kills. LDN didnt back down, managing to kill Kazz and Hasse. This marked a turn as LDN UTD could get a dragon kill uncontested. LDN UTD managed to get Elder Drake Soul, and push into the Viperio base.


Things looks scary as a 5v5 in the Viperio base looks inevitable. Fortunately, the VIperio side manage to secure 5 kills to 3 against the LDN UTD players. After the team fight, the remaining two members of the Viperio side began to push in on the LDN UTD base. While risky, a combination of long respawn times, and one tower already being destroyed, the Viperio side were able to successfully destroy the nexus, taking the game.

The victory sees Viperio, now 5W-3L, hold in joint 2nd-3rd with Hyve Central, and LDN UTD, now 3W-5L, sit joint 6th-7th with Mythos. Viperio’s next opponent will be Lucendi, with the series taking place on Thursday 18th February at 7pm (GMT.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.