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Our penultimate game of the UKEL regular season is a huge success, with Viperio defeating division leaders Demise Academy.


First blood went over to the Demise side, however Viperio fought back to make it a quick 1 for one trade. Moving into the mid-lane, JonnyREcco started strong, with a double kill, however Demsie answered with a kill onto Killakin. This led to Demise taking the first drake, a mountain dragon.


Demise kept their momentum going, get the first rift herald. Whilst they deployed it in the top lane, it was unable to destroy the turret. JonnyREcco responded with solo kill just before the 10 minute mark. Kazz followed on with a kill onto Demise’s LittlePants, which allowed Viperio to bounce back with a drake of their own.

Demise Academy got the second rift herald, but Viperio used this to get a kill in mid, and a second drake, which ultimately led to Viperio winning the first real team fight in jungle. Viperio continued to dominate in the middle match, with an ACE from Viperio and a 3rd drake kill. A two-for-one trade in mid gives Viperio a 15 kill lead over the Demise Academy side.

Demise Academy weren’t defeated just yet, managing to impressively steal baron and get a second drake, however a little overconfidence allows Viperio back into the game, with 3 kills from Viperio onto a Demise side trying to push the Viperio base.

Viperio get soul by killing cloud dragon, which really gave the blue side the power it needed to get Baron. An ace from Viperio ultimately led to a win, with Viperio destroying the Demise Academy nexus.

Viperio, now with a 10W-3L record, extend their win streak to 7W, which is the current regular season record, tied with Clique (S1) and Demise Academy (S4). A win on Saturday against NerdRage would see Viperio break with record, and tie for the overall record of 8W (Clique, S1).

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.