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In Game 4 of the UKEL regular season, Viperio defeat Hyve Central to finish Week Two with a 2W-2L record.

The match began with Hyve Central starting strong, dominating in the bot lane. The Hyve side were victorious in the first team fight at 7 minutes, taking four kills versus Viperio’s one. Viperio did however manage to respond by taking their first drake, killing an Ocean Dragon, but Hyve replied with a drake kill of their own, safely taking a mountain dragon.

Following on, Hyve decided to use their first rift herald in the top lane, yet Viperio managed to stop the tower getting destroyed with 2 un-traded kills in their favour. This momentum continued into the next team fight, with 4 kills from Viperio helping secure a second drake of the game, an Inferno Dragon.

Moving into the later half of the series, Viperio secured a rift herald of their own and their third drake relatively uncontested. Despite winning the following team fight and doing the majority of damage on a fire dragon, Hyve impressively came in a stole the drake. This also lead to Hyve winning another team fight in convincing form.

Spotting a weakened Hyve going for Baron, JonnyREcco, supported by two teammates managed to force the Hyve side away, allowing Viperio to take the Baron buff, leading into a convincing team fight in the bot lane to give Viperio their 4th drake. This ultimately lead into a final push on Hyve’s base, and a victory for the red side.

The win sees Viperio continue their win streak, going from 0W-2L to 2W-2L in the regular seasons standings. With some upsets earlier in the day, such as Munster Rugby defeating LDN UTD, the standings are still very tight, and all to play for moving into week three. Viperio’s next fixture is on Thursday 4th February at 8pm (GMT) vs Mythos.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.