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Viperio take revenge against Lucendi Gaming, with a victory in Week Five of the UKEL regular season. The victory marks Viperio’s 6th win in the last 7 games.

Going into this series, Viperio were the favourites as they had a much stronger draft. The game started off fast with a level 1 invade by Viperio resulting in a stolen blue buff and gromp going towards JonnyReeco. Unfortunately, Lucendi responded to the invade quickly by ganking mid and getting first blood on Killakin. Viperio reacted quickly with Killakin teleporting back to mid and handing over a kill on the enemy jungler to JonnyReeco.

The proactive early game plays and objective control from the side of Viperio propelled them into the mid to late game with a lead as every team fight resulted in a positive trade with little to no resistance from the side of Lucendi.

The game concluded with a flurry of team fights erupting around the 4th drake with the first skirmish resulting in 2 kills and Dragon soul for the side of Viperio and the 2nd fight handing Viperio 3 kills and an uncontested Baron which allowed Viperio to siege mid lane and close out the game.

The victory puts Viperio in 2nd place, with 6W-3L record. Viperio’s next series is against Munster Rugby Gaming on Saturday 20th February, at 12pm.