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Viperio start Week Two of the UKEL regular season strong, with the team securing their first win of the season, defeating Munster Rugby Gaming in Game 3. The game was a much needed victory for Viperio to stay out of the bottom spot in the standings.

The match started off very slow, with no kills from either side for the first few minutes. Viperio managed to secure an Ocean Drake to take the first dragon of the game, however Munster were quick to respond securing a Cloud Drake of their own. The first Kills went in favour of Munster Rugby, with 3 kills without reply going in their favour.

At the time of the Fire Drake, Viperio managed to win their first team fight, giving them another dragon kill over the Munster Rugby side. Yet again, the back and fourth matchup saw Munster Rugby get a Fire Drake of their own shortly after. After drakes, Munster Rugby directed their eyes towards Baron Nashor, which they managed to kill, however in an attempt to contest, Viperio move in killing three.

Munster Rugby Gaming won another team fight, allowing them to enter the Viperio base for the first time this game, destroying an inhibitor. Fortunately, the Viperio side respawned in time to put the Irish side of an attempt to win the game. After a couple of skirmishes, Viperio ultimately won the final team fight, allowing for an offence which ultimately lead to a Viperio victory.

The game sees Viperio now sit with 1W-2L record at the mid point of Week Two. The win was very important as it allows Viperio to try and pull itself back into the race for playoffs before other teams pull away with an early lead. Viperio will be hungry to keep the plow running, with aspirations of a second victory this week.

Viperio’s next fixture is against Hyve Central on Saturday 31st January at 2pm.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.