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Week Three starts strong for Viperio in the UKEL Season 4, as the Viperio side take their third win of the season against Mythos Gaming in convincing fashion.

The match started off in Viperio’s favour, with the first dragon, a Fire Drake, going to the blue side. Mythos responded in the top lane, with a kill onto In4 in the top lane. This led into the first team fight of the game, which saw Viperio come out on top, with 3 kills by Kazz, Jonny, and In4 respectively, against one.

The team fight allowed Viperio to move into the bottom side of the map and secure their second dragon, a Mountain Drake, uncontested. Once the Mythos side respawned, another team fight occurred, with three untraded kills for the Viperio side. Killakin also got another kill in the mid-lane, however this was instantly traded by the Mythos Jungler.

Going into the latter half of the game, Mythos tried to take another team fight before the next drake, however a strong Viperio denied them in their tracks, tacking 4 kills in mid. This meant that Viperio could take another dragon, a Cloud drake. A two for two trade in mid allowed for another Mythos tower to fall at the hands of Viperio.

In the end game, 4 kills for Viperio in the bot lane resulting Viperio taking both the cloud drake and Baron Nashor. The game concluded with with Viperio destroying two towers, which led the side to push into the red side base. After the inhibitor fell, Viperio came out on top with an ace, allowing an uncontested destruction of Mythos’ nexus. The game, watched by over 150 viewers, finished in under 26 minutes. Kazz was awarded MVP of the match by the casters of the game. Dan Holt, Head Coach of Viperio commented on the victory:

“The players have been brilliant all week, working really hard. While there is still a lot to improve on, we’re looking forward to our next matchup on Saturday against league leaders Demise Academy.”

Viperio play Demise Academy, who are currently 5W-0L after game five, on Saturday 6th February at 3pm.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.