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After months of waiting for the UKEL to commence, Viperio take an early knock in their opening match, falling to LDN UTD.

The general feeling in the Twitch chat was that LDN UTD had a more favourable Pick and Ban outcome than the Viperio side, however Viperio did feel relatively confident with their choices. The game started off well, with Viperio taking the first drake.

LDN UTD began to emerge as an early game leader, however Viperio didn’t let them run away, making for a very back and forth early game. There were some decent team fights from both sides, with no clear leader up until the last third of the game. LDN UTD were first to obtain 4 drakes, and the first baron, giving them very favourable win conditions. Despite Viperio getting their own baron in the later stages, LDN UTD were ultimately too strong, resulting in an easy offence into the Viperio base.

Christopher Sword, Managing Director of Viperio, commented:

“A loss is always an unfortunate result. The team have already taken time to analyse what has happened to iron out weaknesses identified tonight. Morale is still high, and the team are still confident as they look to redeem themselves on Saturday.”

The defeat sees Viperio lose their 3rd regular season opening match in a row, losing to Absolved in Season 2 and Resolve in Season 3. Viperio’s record now sits at 0W-1L, placing them in the 5th-8th ranking on the leaderboard.

Viperio’s next fixture will be a crucial game if the team wish to bounce back quickly and emerge as a leader in the early stages of the season. Viperio play Lucendi on Saturday 23rd January at 1pm.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.