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Week One of the UKEL comes to a close, with Viperio falling to Lucendi. Viperio finish week one with a 0W-2L record.

The game started off very slow, with no real action early on. Both teams managed to secure a drake before the 12 minute mark. The first fight went in the favour of Lucendi, who secured 2 kills in the jungle. At the 16 minute mark, Viperio saw their first 5 on 5 team fight, which went in the favour of Lucendi, giving them the Mountain Drake.

Lucendi had much stronger champions in the mid game, allowing them to pick up a second Mountain Drake at the 22 minute mark. At this stage, Viperio are in an unfortunate position where team fights are always in the favour of Lucendi. The Viperio side tried to keep the game as slow as possible to avoid unnecessary contact.

The game looked like it could take a turn, with a 5v5 team fight in the Jungle, where Viperio came out on top 5 kills against 1, which helped Viperio secure a second drake. However, hopes of a late game comeback were crushed, with Viperio ambitiously going to context Baron, ultimately losing another team fight, giving Lucendi a clear run to the Viperio nexus.

The result now places Viperio at the bottom end of the table, with a two loss streak. Viperio will need to turn things around quickly if they wish to content for a top spot this season.

Viperio’s next fixture is against Munster Rugby Gaming at 6pm on Thursday 28th January.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.