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The UKEL Regular Season Week Three concludes with Viperio falling to the undefeated Demise Academy squad, who are now 6W-0L. Viperio currently sit joint 2nd (along with 4 other teams: Hyve, LDN UTD, Lucendi & NerdRage) with a 3W-3L record.

The series began quickly, with the whole Demise Academy squad hunting in bot lane for a kill. While they came close to an early first kill lead, they split up too early in order to regain map control. First blood eventually occurred in the mid-lane, as two Demise players caught Killakin unexpectedly.

The first drake of the game, a Fire Dragon, went to Demise Academy, without any attempt to contest from the Viperio side. This was shortly followed by another kill onto Killakin in the mid-lane of the map. The demise then moved towards the top lane of the map, to challenge the first team fight of the game, which Demise also came out on top of.

While Demise looked to be unstoppable, Viperio didn’t want to be bullied about. In the next team fight in the bot-lane, Demise failed to get any kills onto Viperio players. Viperio managed to kill two demise players, one in the bot lane followed by a kill in mid. This played a key role in helping Viperio obtaining their first drake, a mountain dragon.

A two for one trade in the top lane went in the favour of Viperio, however the engagement didn’t lead to much as the rest of the Demise side went for a cloud drake, which Viperio again did not put pressure on to try and steal.

Unlike earlier interactions, Viperio put up a better fight in following battles. A team fight in the top lane went 3 kills to 2 kills in favour of Viperio, however this later stopped once Demise secured an ace, killing all five members of the Viperio side. This meant that Demise could take their 3rd drake of the game.

Hope for the Viperio side came back after 4 kills across the mid and bot lanes, allowing Viperio to pick up another drake, however a Baron buff on Demise started the beginning of the end of the series. Fighting began in the Viperio base, with Demise destroying inhibitors, and getting a kill onto Killakin. Demise player Sin managed to kill their 4th drake solo, before all 5 of the Demise line-up made one final push into the Viperio base. In a 5v3 exchange, Demise were able to destroy the Viperio nexus and win the game.

Viperio’s 3W-3L record is impressive when considering the Viperio side were once bottom of the standings with a 0W-2L record. Viperio play NerdRage for the first time on Thursday 11th February, which also marks the season half way point.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.