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Viperio have extended their winning streak in the UKEL regular season, with a tight victory over Munster Rugby Gaming giving us our fourth victory in a row.

Munster Rugby were able to get the first blood of the game, giving them a slightly early game advantage. Raizens roaming around the map meant that Munster could establish some early game map control, with Viperio needing to establish vision in order to get settled for play.

The first team skirmish was at 8 minutes, which went in the favour of Viperio, however Munster fought back with a victorious skirmish of their own at the 10 minute mark. Munster also established an early tower lead over Viperio, making them look like the favourite in the first part of the game.

Viperio weren’t out of the water, convincingly taking the first two dragons of the game. While Munster were able to get both Baron and a drake of their own, Viperio managed to secure 4 drake, and therefore soul before the munster side.

There were some tight spots, especially around the 19 minute mark, with Viperio players getting picked off by the munster side, however Viperio were able to come through, and take the win.

Viperio, now 7W-3L in the UKEL regular season, sit in 2nd place below Demise Academy. Our next fixture is against Hyve Central on Thursday 25th February at 8pm (GMT). This is regarded as one of the most exciting games of the season, as the winner will be most likely to contend for 1st-2nd in the regular season standings.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.