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A victory against NerdRage in Week Four of the UKEL regular split sees Viperio with a positive record at the season mid point.

The match started off in the Twitch chat, with Viperio accidentally voting on NerdRage to win. This gifted some giggles for the viewers. Jumping into the server, NerdRage started strong, getting an early kill into In4 in the top lane. Within the first 10 minutes, Viperio had gotten their first Dragon, a fire drake, and NerdRage secured a Rift Herald.

Following on, Despite Killakin getting a kill onto Flayjin, NerdRage were able to get a dragon of their own, and Ocean Drake, levelling out the match once more. Some back and forth individual trades sees the kills equal out going towards the 15th minute. Viperio then close in to get their 2nd Drake of the match.

At 20 minutes, there is a teamfight mid, in which NerdRage come out on top, 3 kills to 2, allowing easy entry into the bot lane, once again, trading Viperio’s earlier drake advantage. However from this point, Viperio begin to show their true force, winning following team fights in convincing fashion.

Viperio manage to secure baron, which NerdRage were tempted to contest. The Viperio side nearly fell apart as NerdRage chased the weakened Viperio players into the jungle, however the Viperio side managed to escape through mid. Eventually, after Viperio get 2 more drakes, A team fight in mid sees 4 un-traded kills for the blue side, allowing Viperio to make an offensive push into NerdRage’s base. Unable to stop the plow, Viperio take the game.

The victory is a quick recovery from last weeks defeat against Demise Academy, and puts Viperio in joint 2nd-3rd, with a 4W-3L record. This is a great position for the team who are looking to perform in playoffs, and contest for a spot in the UKLC relegation tournament later in the season.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.