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Geordie Counter-Strike player ReegaN discusses his ambitions, ESL Pro League Conference and his new PC.

Coming off the back of a successful period with the previous ex-raptors line up, what are you looking to achieve with this current Viperio roster?

“I would like to achieve even more that what we have done previously, we need to keep grinding.”

“Perfecting our chemistry with each other and evaluating our games will improve our results naturally. Ideally, I want to win some online tournaments and perhaps cause some upsets in the Conference qualifier.”

Out of the five other teams competing at ESL Pro League conference, who are you looking forward to playing the most and why?

“I would say Guild Eagles as they are the team that have played at the highest competition before with the same roster at current. It will be fun to test ourselves against them, especially for players like MMS as he has played against them before.”

As we are talking about rosters, if you had to build a UK super roster with yourself on it and with no other current Viperio players, who are you choosing and why?

“I would have to say Artist, Mezii, Cypher, and Volt. They are all proven players who have competed at the highest levels of the game other than maybe Artist, but from what I have heard, he has an incredible understanding of the game so he makes my five man roster.”

“It’s a no brainer to have Mezii in the roster as he is currently on one of the best teams in the world. Volt and Cypher have both shown they can compete at A tier 1 level with some really great performances, so I would have to go with them.”

Lastly, we heard you got a new PC lately. How much of a different has this made in your recent games vs your old set up?

“My old PC after the release of Counter Strike 2 was getting around 110 fps, and it was dropping to around 80 fps when grenades were going off. Now I get 300 fps throughout the round with maybe the lowest being around 230 fps which is still well above my refresh rate.”

“Other than a few stutters within our first few officials, it’s going great and gameplay is finally nice and smooth.”

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.