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Today, Viperio esports club say farewell to Reegan Ward, as he is released from Viperio Counter-Strike effective immediately.


In the high-stakes world of competitive esports, sometimes tough decisions need to be made. Reegan “ReegaN” Ward’s involvement in Viperio’s Counter Strike project has been instrumental, often being one of the top players in the server, however, we felt it was time for a change.

As of today, Reegan will no longer be under contract with Viperio and will be free to explore other options.

Viperio coach Daniel hart provided the following statement on Reegan’s departure:

“This wasn’t an easy decision to remove Reegan from the active roster as he has been a key part of our team for 13 months. We achieved some great things together such as winning ESL Premiership last autumn, but sometimes you need a change and I think this is the right moment. I wish Reegan only the best of luck and fully believe he has a lot to offer any team.”

Daniel HartHead Coach, Viperio Counter-Strike

With Reegan no longer being on the team and with Marco “MMS” Salomone recently being transferred to EXO Clan, Viperio’s Counter Strike team will no longer have any players from the UK or Ireland; other than Daniel “Papp” Hart, who fills the role of the team’s coach.

We also spoke to Coach Hart about the change to an international, where he said:

“It does feel strange that for the first time we do not have any UK players in the starting roster. With that being said, it is important to focus on what the team’s goals are, and right now, I felt these goals could only be achieved with a fully international roster.”

Daniel HartHead Coach, Viperio Counter-Strike

We would like to wish Reegan the best moving forwards, and will be rooting for his success form the sidelines wherever he goes next.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.