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Viperio’s reserve top-laner 🇬🇧 Timothy “Zooky” Atkinson has received an offer from LDN Esports to join the starting line-up of their Academy team, playing in the UKEL Open Qualifier.

Timothy first joined Viperio in June 2020, ahead of the UKLC Summer 2020 Open Qualifiers. Timothy stayed with the organisation, playing as our starting top-laner for the UKEL Season 3 (Summer 2020). Since then, he has been working closely with our staff team to continue his personal development as part of our reserve line-up, used primarily to train our starting roster team.

Timothy said the following on Twitter:

Big thanks to Viperio for being a fantastic first impression and introduction to being part of an organisation. Smash it in the UKLC promo tournament lads!

Christopher Sword, Founder & Managing Director of Viperio said:

“It is great to see Timothy with another chance on a starting roster. Zooky has invested a lot of time and effort into our LoL division, and I wish him the best of luck in the UKEL qualifiers.”

Viperio do not currently have a replacement for Timothy in mind, but will actively be looking for new top-laners moving into the offseason.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.