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Christmas adverts and darker days are some of the many indicators that 2020 is slowly coming to a close. As Viperio look to get the ball rolling for the Spring 2021 split, we’re officially commencing our first round of trials for our UKEL Season 4 roster.

The UKEL is the official 2nd division for the UK&I, and the 3rd tier of the NLC (UKI Nordics) system.

Viperio have received a large number of requests to play this split, which is a delight to both the Viperio League of Legends staff and senior management. Alan Reid, General Manager for League of Legends at Viperio, will be contacting all interested players over the next couple of days.

Players of all ability and residency are open to apply for trials, as long as they meet the UKEL minimum requirements. Roster spot priority will be given to current members of our development squad (Kazz, Dimi, Sykes & Zooky) previous Viperio players. Christopher Sword, Managing Director for Viperio explained his reasoning for this:

“As an organisation, it is key that we build storylines for the fans. This isn’t easy if our roster is cleared out and rebuild every season. A high attrition rate is something we wish to avoid, and I want to provide support to our players for as long as possible.”

We’ve had a lot of interest for Support and ADC roles. Top & Mid applicants are encouraged to register their interest by contacting Alan Reid on Twitter. As mentioned in a recent article, JonnyREcco, our Jungler from UKEL Season 3, has signed as our starting Jungler for Season 4. Because of this, Jungle applicants will only be considered as a substitute.

At Viperio, we’re really keen to push for a playoffs spot and a shot at UKLC promotion, all while enjoying the game, the process of developing as players and achieving as a team. Promotion into the Dreamhack organised leagues (UKLC & NLC) is something we strive to do over the next couple of years, as we see it as a critical part of our organisation strategy.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.