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Tonight we see Viperio take on long time rivals Bulldog Esports in the UKLC Summer 2021 regular season. Tonight’s gives Viperio an opportunity for Viperio to take revenge against the Bulldog side, who stopped Viperio’s guaranteed promotion into the UKLC earlier this year.

Starting Roster:
Top: 🇷🇴 Laurentiu ‘Coatpustmain‘ Zidaru
Jungle: 🇵🇹 Luís ‘Lulas‘ Azevedo
Mid: 🇩🇰 Thomas ‘Thomas Goh‘ Goh Balleby
ADC: 🇬🇧 Jakub ‘Jacob‘ Przewozniczuk
Support: 🇵🇱 Michał ‘WillTheScout‘ Hałacz

A complete over hall since the last Viperio versus Bulldog matchup, Bulldog’s roster features three imports, and two locally trained representatives.

Previous Seasons

Bulldog have competed in both the UKLC and UKEL since Spring 2019. Their placings are as follows:

8th UKLC Spring 2019

3rd UKEL Summer 2019 Regular Season (4W-3L record)
4th UKEL Summer 2019 Playoffs

3rd UKEL Spring 2020 Regular Season (4W-3L record)
3rd UKEL Spring 2020 Playoffs

8th UKLC Summer 2020 Regular Season (0W-14L record)

7th UKLC Spring 2021 Regular Season (5W-9L record)

Bulldog Esports have sit comfortably between the UKEL and UKLC for more that 2 years. While the team has managed to qualify for the UKLC on numerous occasions, they have always been in the tournaments relegation event every season they have competed. While this is promising for Viperio, Bulldog certainly won’t go down without a fight.

Previous Head-to-Heads

Viperio’s head-to-head series record against Bulldog Esports since Summer 2019 is 3W-3L. The three victories were in UKEL regular season (2) and playoff matches (1). Viperio’s losses to Bulldog include a 2-1 defeat in the UKLC Closed Qualifier Summer 2020, and both 2-1 and 3-1 defeats in the UKLC Spring 2021 relegation event.

UKLC Summer 2021 Performance

Bulldog currently sit mid-table in 4th-5th with a record of 2W-2L.

Game #1: Bulldog (L) vs. (W) MnM Gaming
Game #2: Lucent (L) vs. (W) Bulldog
Game #3: Bulldog (W) vs. (L) Nvision
Game #4: Resolve Academy (W) vs. (L) Bulldog

Key Takeaways

  1. While Viperio were originally regarded as an underdog, a 3W-1L record demonstrates they can take on teams at this tier. Bulldog were regarded as an upper half team prior to the start of the regular season, and currently sit with a mid table record.
  2. Viperio have not beat Bulldog to date in a UKLC linked series.
  3. On a two win streak, Viperio don’t look like they’re slowing down yet, while Bulldog are recovering from a defeat against Resolve Academy.
Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.