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Tonight we see Viperio take on former NLC side MnM Gaming, in UKLC game day six. The matchup marks the first time the two sides have come head-to-head in an esports competition since the summer of 2017.

Starting Roster:
Top: 🇬🇧 Adam ‘Eragon‘ Harney
Jungle: 🇬🇧 Justin ‘Gaduniker‘ Tan
Mid: 🇨🇭 Antoine ‘Vango‘ Tinguely
ADC: 🇭🇷 Josip ‘Jopa‘ Čančar
Support: 🇷🇸 Mladen ‘Cl0x‘ Mitić

The MnM Gaming roster fields two locally trained representatives, with three imports from Switzerland, Croatia and Serbia. The roster features Adam ‘Eragon‘ Harney, the former top-lane positional coach for Viperio during the spring 2021 season.

Previous Seasons

MnM have been a staple of UK League of Legends for many years, competing at the top levels of UK League of Legends from as early as 2014.

Within the NLC/UKLC, MnM’s results are as follows:

UKLC Spring 2019 Regular Season: 4th
UKLC Spring 2019 Playoffs: 3rd-4th

UKLC Summer 2019 Regular Season: 3rd
UKLC Summer 2019 Regular Season: 4th

UKLC Spring 2020 Regular Season: 5th

NLC Summer 2020 Regular Season (Group B): 6th

NLC Fall Open 2020: 13th-16th

NLC Spring 2021 Regular Season (Group B): 6th

Previous Head-to-Heads

The last time that Viperio played MnM was in the Insomnia 61 League of Legends Open in summer 2017. MnM defeated Viperio 2-0 in the playoff bracket.

UKLC Summer 2021 Performance

MnM Gaming current sit joint top with Resolve Academy, both with a 4W-1L record after 5 game days. Their results are as follows:

Game #1: Bulldog (L) vs. (W) MnM Gaming
Game #2: MnM Gaming (L) vs. (W) LDN Esports
Game #3: Lucent (L) vs. (W) MnM Gaming
Game #4: MnM Gaming (W) vs. (L) Nvision
Game #5: Resolve Academy (L) vs. (W) MnM Gaming

Key Takeaways

  1. MnM have shown themselves as one of the stronger teams this season, with many experienced players on their roster.
  2. Having dropped into the UKLC after relegating from the NLC, the organisation is hungry to bounce back up as soon as possible.
  3. Viperio are massively considered the underdog in this series. With high pressure on the MnM team to win, Viperio have little to lose and a lot to gain in this fixture.
Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.