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Tonight we play our UKLC Game Day Four fixture against Enclave, a side who currently sit in the bottom half of the table with a 1W-2L record. In this latest edition of Know Your Foe, we take a deeper look at our opponent’s roster and competitive history ahead of the series.

Starting Roster:

Top: 🇬🇧 Jake “In4” Fairless
Jungle: 🇫🇷 Rudy ‘Skewmond‘ Semaan
Mid: 🇬🇧 Harry “Sykes’ Sykes
ADC: 🇩🇪 Fabio ‘Impulse‘ Wortmann
Support: 🇩🇪 Kevin ‘Rychly‘ Rychly

The Enclave roster is majority imports, with only 2 UK&I nationals within the team. The roster utilises a German botlane duo consisting of Impulse & Rychly, and also uses a french Jungler, Skewmond.

The Enclave line-up also consists of Two former Viperio players: Sykes & In4. The British players formerly played for Viperio in the UKEL Season 3 (Summer 2020) & UKEL Season 4 (Spring 2021) respectively.

Previous Seasons

Enclave have held a spot in the UKLC since Summer 2019. Their past placings are as follows:

UKLC Summer 2019 Regular Season: 6th
UKLC Summer 2019 Playoffs: 7th

Forge of Champions Summer 2019: 6th-9th

UKLC Spring 2020 Regular Season: 8th

UKLC Summer 2020 Regular Season: 5th

UKLC Spring 2021 Regular Season: 3rd
UKLC Spring 2021 Playoffs: 3rd-4th

Overtime, Enclave’s placings have slowly improved to see them finish in the top half of the standings in their most recent season. While never a front runner, Enclave have demonstrated that as an organisation, they know how to avoid relegation whilst pushing for a spot in playoffs.

UKLC Summer 2021 Performance

Like Viperio, LDN Esports are 1W-1L, with an opening weekend defeat followed by a victory in their most recent series.

Game #1: Enclave (W) vs. (L) Lucent
Game #2: Nvision (W) vs. (L) Enclave
Game #3: Enclave (L) vs. (W) Resolve Academy

Key Takeaways

  1. Viperio have just come off a win, while Enclave have just come off a loss.
  2. Viperio & Enclave’s common past opponents so far have been Nvision & Resolve Academy. Viperio defeated Nvision while Enclave did not, and both teams lost to Resolve Academy.
  3. Enclave have two former Viperio players, with one transferring to Enclave this offseason. Potential for Enclave to have more insight towards Viperio than other competitors.
Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.