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After previously confirming 🇬🇧 Paul “JonnyREcco” Whyte & 🇵🇱 Hubert “Kazz” Dabrowski as our respective Jungler & ADC for the Spring 2021 split, we’re delighted to announce 3 new acquisitions to our League of Legends roster, to complete our line-up for the UKEL Season 4.

Our first acquisition is a home grown rookie, 18 year old 🇬🇧 Jake “In4” Fairless, who will be joining Viperio as our starting Top-laner. An up and coming talent within the scene, In4 is relatively unknown within the UKI League of Legends community. However, with a current elo of Master (314 LP), he definitely has the ability to compete at the upper levels of the UKI scene.

In4 said the following about joining the team:

“I’m really excited to be joining Viperio. We have a very strong line up and I believe we have a solid chance of winning. Additionally I’m very excited to clap some top laners”

Using the first of our 2 import slots, joining us as our starting Mid-laner is Danish player 🇩🇰 Marcus “Killakin” Daugaard Kristensen. Killakin is best known for competing in the Nordic region, in leagues such as the Danish Esports League (S1 & S2) with both Primus (now called Atlando Esports), and later with Hydras Esports. Killakin is also ranked LoL Pros’ 23rd best Mid-laner from Denmark, with a current elo of Master (45 LP), and S10 peak of Master (260 LP).

When asked for comment about joining the line-up, Killakin said:

“I am very excited to work with Viperio. The team has been incredibly welcoming, and I can’t wait to dominate the UK scene with them.”

Completing the starting line-up is 🇩🇰 Hasse “Hαsse” Høgsberg Holm, who will be filling the Support role on our roster. Joining Viperio will be Hasse’s first opportunity competing in the UKI ecosystem. Before joining Viperio, Hasse competed with Legion for 3 splits in the danish league across 2020.

Hasse stated:

“Im looking forward to working with the team. I am excited to finally play in the UK scene and I really feel like we have some great players ready to compete in UKEL.”

With the additions, our starting line-up for the UKEL Season 4 (pending league approval) will consist of:

Top: 🇬🇧 Jake “In4” Fairless
Jungle: 🇬🇧 Paul “JonnyREcco” Whyte
Mid: 🇩🇰 Marcus “Killakin” Daugaard Kristensen
ADC: 🇵🇱 Hubert “Kazz” Dabrowski
Support: 🇩🇰 Hasse “Hαsse” Høgsberg Holm

Note: Kazz has dual nationality, making him one of 3 required UKI players.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.