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Viperio’s Counter-Strike roster is undergoing a roster change as Viperio veteran Marco “MMS” Salomone has been bought out of his contract, due to join a new roster and organisation, of which is yet to be announced.


Marco first joined Viperio towards the end of 2022, and played an important role in Viperio’s Counter-Strike success stories, such as the qualification to the BLAST Major EU RMR in Copenhagen last year.

We asked Marco to provide comment on his time at Viperio, where he stated:

“I have mixed feelings, although I felt good on this roster, I felt that this is the right time for me to leave and more on to something different. I am happy with my overall time at Viperio, I got to meet a lot of people who I enjoyed playing with.”

Marco 'MMS' SalomonePlayer, Viperio Counter-Strike

Marco later added that a personal highlight of his time on Viperio was “obviously making the RMR, it was a really good achievement, and it was a very cool experience to go and bootcamp and feel like a tier 1 pro for a month.”

Marco finished by thanking the players and the organisation, stating that he “wishes the best for the organisation and the players, we achieved a lot together, so I wish them the best and thank them for everything”.

Following Marco “MMS” Salomone’s departure, Viperio Counter-Strike Coach Daniel Hart commented:

“It’s a sad moment to be losing Marco. We achieved great things together; he will be greatly missed here, and I am sure he will be a great asset to his new team. I wish him only the best moving forward, and I am extremely grateful for the time, effort, and commitment he showed whilst he was with us.”

Daniel HartHead Coach, Viperio Counter-Strike

With this move, we asked Daniel to elaborate on his thoughts and feelings on the roster going forwards:

“We have an exciting future ahead, and a chance for the team to start a fresh. It is important to remember that this roster is a young group of players, which only continue to grow as individuals with each event we play. There is plenty of evidence the skillset is there, and we all believe in what we are doing as a group. We have a good track record when it comes to roster moves, so I can only see us continuing that trend.”

Moving forwards, Daniel provided further commentary on how he has changed the roles of the current roster:

“At the end of the last ESEA season, upon review, I decided to shuffle around the team current roles and positions. Whilst we can be disappointed that we did not achieve our overall goal of getting back into Advanced, we dominated the regular season and unfortunately fell short at the final hurdle.”

“The best players and teams bounce back and are defined by how they handle disappointments. It’s time to take the chains off some of the players and let them really show what they can do. This marks one of the biggest changes we have ever done as a team, but one which is exciting and further excels the team’s potential.”

Viperio once again thank Marco for his commitment and time spent in black and red, and wish him the best moving forwards in his career.