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After weeks of competition, Viperio’s League of Legends team have finished the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) Division 3.4 Spring Regular Season with a record of 8W-4L.


The Viperio roster consisting of Swedish players AkukattEmpPainful, FloopzKrallex competed in Division 3.4 against six other teams in what was regarded as one of the most competitive groups at the Division 3 tier of competition.

Viperio’s record against each team was as follows:

Playday #1: Bye
Playday #2: Lanomania (1W-1L)
Playday #3: X7 Ascent (1W-1L)
Playday #4: Rich Gang Esports (2W-0L)
Playday #5: Espergærde eSport (0W-2L)
Playday #6: Rate x Guarp (2W-0L)
Playday #7: Enhanced (2W-0L)

Viperio will play a tie breaker versus Espergærde eSport who also finished with a record of 8W-4L to decide who will progress to the Division 3 Spring playoffs.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.