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Viperio League of Legends are delighted to announce that 🇬🇧 Harry Sandford will be joining our League of Legends division as an Assistant Coach, working with our players competing in the UKEL Season 4. The move comes as the Viperio organisation looks to increase the capacity of it’s staff structure, to ensure our players receive appropriate attention and support in their individual development.

Harry has primarily been involved in student esports until now. A full time student at the University of Lincoln, he is the Vice President of the Lincoln Esports Society and coach of the university’s Lincoln Ascended League of Legends roster, which competes in the NUEL and NSE student leagues. Harry also plays League of Legends himself, with a peak solo queue rank of Master.

Alan Reid gave the following insight about the pickup:

“A first for Viperio, we’ve brought in Harry to operate as our assistant coach to help Dan develop the players, prepare for matches and control drafts. This rounds out our coaching backend to make sure all our players within the main and reserve team improve at a pace, which makes us ready for playoffs.”

Harry will begin working with all 10 of our league of players from today. You can follow Harry on Twitter: @athirstynerd

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.