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Viperio’s League of Legends squad has been placed in the Northern League of Legends Championship’s (NLC) Division 3.4 for the 2022 Spring Split. NLC Division 3 has been split into 4 groups of 6-7 teams, with the top two teams earning a place in the NLC Division 3 playoffs later this year.

Division 3.4 contains the following teams:

Viperio (VIP)
X7 Ascend (X7)
Lanomania (LMA)
Espergærde (ESP)
Enhanced (ENH)
Rate x Guarp (RXG)
Rich Gang Esports (RG)

Viperio’s recently acquired Swedish line-up has been performing well during the NLC offseason, securing a space in the Svenska OnlineLigan Division 1 Offline Playoffs in March.

Viperio’s starting line-up for the NLC Division 3.4 will remain as expected:

🇸🇪 Top: Vilhelm ‘Akukatt‘ Ahlqvist
🇸🇪 Jungle: Emil ‘Emp‘ Eliasson
🇸🇪 Mid: Kevin ‘Painful‘ Druga
🇸🇪 ADC: Alexander ‘Floopz‘ Pettersson
🇸🇪 Support: Alexander ‘Krallex‘ Ramlinger

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Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.