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As the UKEL Season 4 comes to a close, we are happy to see three Viperio players recognised for their performances this split. In4, JonnyREcco & Killakin were all recognised for their performances this season. JonnyREcco was voted MVP jungler across all teams, with In4 & Killakin placing 3rd for their respective roles.

Votes for the UKEL MVP are done by players and staff of teams competing in the league. The overall winner for the UKEL Season 4 is Demise Academy player Kourosh, who received 81 pts. Full placings are below, with Viperio players highlighted in red:

Top Lane MVP:
1. Typical, Demise Academy (48 pts)
2. Renghis, Lucent (47 pts)
3. In4, Viperio (45 pts)

Jungle MVP:
1. JonnyREcco, Viperio (67 pts)
2. Dunlosi, Mythos (58 pts)
3. Leon, Demise Academy (37 pts)

Mid Lane MVP:
1. Kourosh, Demise Academy (81 pts)
2. Nice Guy Dom, Lucent (50 pts)
3. Killakin, Viperio (20 pts)

AD Carry MVP:
1. Vayne God, Lucent (53 pts)
2. Coomecoom, LDN UTD (43 pts)
3. Fuyu, Demise Academy (40 pts)

Support MVP:
1. Raizins, Munster Rugby Gaming (58 pts)
2. Littlepants, Demise Academy (49 pts)
3. Flayjin, NerdRage (38 pts)

Viperio Managing Director had the following comments:

“It is delightful to see Viperio players recognised for their performances this season by other players and staff in the league. Congratulations to In4, JonnyREcco & Killakin for their awards”

View the original announcement post by the UKEL on Twitter.