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Viperio are pleased to announce its entry to Valve’s latest flagship title, Counter-Strike 2, with the acquisition of three core players from the Epic.Lan XX and ESL Premiership winning team, ex-raptors.


After winning the majority of domestic competitions and climbing the UK rankings to confirm they are among the best, Viperio identified Marco “MMS” Salomone, Rasmus “zodi” Frølich, Reegan “ReegaN” Ward, and Daniel “Papp” Hart as a group of players that can continue Viperio’s mission to be a leading domestic team that frequently sees international success.

Having played in black and red previously, we asked Marco “MMS” Salomone about his opinions on returning to Viperio:

"I am really excited to be returning to Viperio. We achieved great things together in my previous stint with the organisation and I'm looking to repeat that and go above and beyond in my return to the organisation. I'm confident in the core we have. Off the back of our domestic success from winning Epic.Lan and ESL Premiership, I think we will be able to attract top talent ahead of January."

Marco "MMS" SalomonePlayer, Viperio CS2

Viperio will be competing at the UKIC event this week with the following players:

🇩🇰 Rasmus “zodi” Frølich
Marco “MMS” Salomone
🇬🇧 Reegan “ReegaN” Ward
🇬🇧 Josh “Jaustere” Phillpot *
🇬🇧 Daniel “Papp” Hart **

* Jaustere will be playing for Viperio as a substitute currently on trial.
** Daniel “Papp” Hart is Coach, however due to roster restrictions, will be playing as a sub for this event.

Although a completed roster will not be completed before UKIC, Viperio are working towards finalising a roster before the team’s stacked January, seeing the team compete for a spot in ESL European Pro League, Pinacle Cup, and the RMR qualifers, where the team looks to follow Viperio’s previous roster’s footsteps by qualifying.

The team’s coach Daniel “Papp” Hart commented:

"Myself and the team and very happy signing with Viperio going into 2024. It provides the perfect platform to grow as a team, and reach our potential. With ongoing trials, Viperio will be looking to sign two new additions ahead of our upcoming competitions: ESL Pro League Conference, Pinnacle Cup, and the RMR Qualifiers. We are currently considering all options, whether that be UK or EU players."

Daniel "Papp" HartCoach, Viperio CS2

More announcements will be posted over the next few days as the team begins to settle. Make sure to follow @viperioesports on X to stay up to date.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.