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Viperio are happy to confirm that our Counterstrike: Global Offensive division will be competing in ESEA EU Intermediate Season 37. The season, which is scheduled to take place between 27th April and 28th June, will see Viperio compete in 16 regular season games, for a chance at playoffs and promotion into higher tiers.

The current Viperio CSGO line-up, who previously played under Rasta Gaming, were promoted into Intermediate following a successful playoff run in ESEA EU Open Season 36. Viperio as an organisation most recently competed in ESEA Main Season 35, however lost the spot after being unable to retain 2/5 players from the previous line-up.

Our current roster for ESEA Intermediate is as follows:
🇬🇧 Luke ‘fearLess‘ Morris
🇬🇧 Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett
🇬🇧 Callum ‘Gilbert‘ Gilbert
🇮🇪 Robert ‘static_inner_flow’ Walsh
🇬🇧 TBA

While publicly, Viperio currently only have 4 players following the recent retirement of 🇺🇸 Charlie ‘K1NDEADLY‘ Weber, Viperio can confirm that a replacement has been acquired, and will be announced in the coming days.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.