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Viperio will be the sole UK representative to compete for a spot in ESL Pro League Season 19, taking on top European teams including David Beckham’s 🇽🇰 Guild Esports, 🇩🇪 ALTERNATE aTTaX and 🇸🇰 Team Sampi


After winning the ESL Premiership Autumn 2023 as Raports E.C., the Viperio Counter-Strike roster have secured a place as the UKI representative in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 19 European Conference stage, along side 5 other teams who also won their respective national league tournament.

The list of competing teams:


🇬🇧 Marco “MMS” Salomone
🇬🇧 Reegan “ReegaN” Ward
🇩🇰 Rasmus “zodi” Frølich
🇩🇰 Kim “mAnGo” Larsen
🇨🇿 Jan “pandi7o” Holák

Team Sampi

🇸🇰 Lukáš “sAvana1” Lintner
🇸🇰 Michal “T4gg3D” Vrzal
🇸🇰 Erik “The eLiVe” Sith
🇸🇰 Tomáš “fino” Bebjak
🇨🇿 Jindřich “ZEDKO” Chyba


🇩🇪 Timo “Spiidi” Richter
🇩🇪 Lukas “FreeZe” Hegmann
🇩🇪 Paul “PerX” von Erdmannsdorff
🇩🇪 Max “PANIX” Hangebruch
🇬🇷 Michalis “awzek” Napoloni


🇵🇱 Patryk “olimp” Woźniak
🇵🇱 Rafał “sNx” Snopek
🇵🇱 Alan “Flayy” Krupa
🇵🇱 “kisserek”
🇵🇱 TBC

Guild Eagles

🇽🇰 Sener “SENER1” Mahmuti
🇽🇰 Genc “gxx-” Kolgeci
🇽🇰 Flatron “juanflatroo” Halimi
🇽🇰 Dionis “sinnopsyy” Budeci
🇨🇭 Rigon “rigoN” Gashi

Pera Esports

🇭🇺 Norbert “msN” Török
🇭🇺 Áron “Aaron” Homoki
🇭🇺 Zsolt “Kamion” Jurus
🇷🇺 Daniil “Porya” Poryadin
🇵🇱 Brajan “DGL” Lemacha

The format will be a single elimination bracket, with only one team qualifying for the ESL Pro League Season 19. Teams with higher Valve rankings will receive a bye in the first round of the tournament.

The ESL Pro League S19 European Conference presents a significant opportunity for Viperio to play more matches featured on ranking website HLTV. More HLTV fixtures mean more opportunity for Viperio Counter-Strike to climb the work rankings. A higher world ranking is direcvtly linked to tournament invites in the future.

Chris Sword, Viperio Managing Director added:

ESL Conference presents a massive opportunity for Viperio's Counter-Strike division moving into 2024. Not only does it allow for HLTV fixtures versus some of Europe's top teams, but a strong performance could see Viperio competing against Europe's finest in ESL Pro League S19. We want to challenge the best, and ESL Pro League Conference is an opportunity to do just that.

Christopher SwordFounder & Managing Director, Viperio

Viperio’s first fixture will take place on the 22nd January 2024. Viperio’s first opponent will be confirmed closer to the time, however will most likely be Team Sampi, Paloma or Pera Esports. Live updates will be posted during the team’s run later in the month of January. Make sure to follow @viperioesports on X to receive these updates.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.