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After recently announcing the acquisition of our first roster for Counter-Strike 2, Viperio will make their CS2 competitive debut this weekend at the UKIC Division One finals, taking place in Sheffield, United Kingdom


The event sees 4 of the top teams from the UKIC’s Season 0, come together at the Endpoint HQ, to compete for the first UKIC offline title. The teams in attendance include:


🇩🇰 Rasmus “zodi” Frølich
Marco “MMS” Salomone
🇬🇧 Reegan “ReegaN” Ward
🇬🇧 Josh “Jaustere” Phillpot
🇬🇧 Daniel “Papp” Hart


🇮🇪 Thomas “artTisT” Clarke
🇮🇪 Matas ‘Extinct’ Strumila
🇬🇧 Callum “girafffe” Jones
🇬🇧 Andrew “Wolfie” Allan
🇬🇧 Mohamad “Ducky” Nourelden


🇬🇧 Ryan “dox” Young
🇬🇧 Zy “yz0” Esponilla
🇬🇧 Jamie “Tree60” Callan
🇳🇴 Tobias “shyyne” Sæther
🇳🇱 Jacob “Rezst” Hemming

Duck Duck Goose

🇬🇧 Micheal “PrimeOPI” Fury
🇬🇧 Fizan “Fizzy” Anjum
🇩🇰 Anthony “BehinDx” Luscombe
🇱🇹 Lukas “luccs” Zdanavičius
🇮🇶 Karrar “Karrar” Almayali

Viperio will be using Coach Daniel “Papp” Hart as our starting 5th, due to UKIC roster rules preventing us from using an emergency substitute for the tournament. The Finals also sees a potential fixture versus Verdant, who previously acquired the core Viperio roster from Oct 2023 – July 2023.

Viperio’s first fixture will be against K10 at 2pm (UK). The fixture will be streamed via Twitch. Details of the tournament can be found on both HLTV and Liquipedia. Viperio will post additional updates on our main account on

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.