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With the changes to the UKLC announced this past week Viperio will be joining the league for the summer split of 2021. This will be the first time the team is featured in the UKLC and will join the fight to reach the Telia Masters and the chance for an NLC promotion.

During the spring split Viperio fell short in the promotion matches after losing to Bulldog in the lower bracket match. Now the team gets a second chance after the changes announced last week that impacts the UKLC.

Christopher Sword, Founder & Managing Director of Viperio had the following to say:

“Competing in the UKLC has been a personal aspiration of mine since the league’s inception. After playing in the tier below for the last four consecutive splits, a promotion into the UKLC is a challenge welcomed by both the players and staff at Viperio. I look forward to seeing us in action this summer.”

The UKLC summer split is scheduled with its first match on June 6th as earlier announced last week where Viperio will be put to the test. To learn more about Viperio, visit and for the latest news in regards to the UKLC Summer Split, make sure to follow @NLClol on twitter.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.