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Announcing the fourth player for our Summer 2021 roster, Viperio are excited to welcome 🇬🇧 Mantas ‘Angler‘ Venskunas under the organisation on a two-split deal.

Joining Viperio, Summer 2021 will be Angler’s first season competing within the official Riot Games ERL hierarchy. Viperio Head Coach, Harry Sandford gave some insight:

“I’ve been really impressed with Mantas over the last year. Since I first met him at University, he’s really progressed as a player and I’ve come to rely on him as a font of information and reliable talent. He’s exactly what Viperio need right now!”

Angler’s current experience comes from representing the University of Lincoln in both the NSE & NUEL student leagues. His most notable achievement is placing 3rd in his first season of the NSE. Harry Sanford further commented:

“In the past, Viperio has had top-laners who are stable but have more exploitable weaknesses, whereas Mantas really flips the table. He brings a style to the team that really rallies the players and focuses on showing how good he can really be. I’m really excited to work with Mantas moving forward, and considering how quickly he has taken to my coaching I’m really looking forward to seeing how he develops to achieve his goals in the future.”

You can follow Angler on Twitter: @anglertoplol

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.