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Viperio are delighted to welcome veteran UK Counterstrike player 🇬🇧 Mark ‘maarc‘ Hammond as our 5th and final player on our roster competing in ESEA Season 37.

Maarc brings over a decade of experience, competing at his first Counterstrike LAN event over 15 years ago. Maarc formerly teamed with Viperio player 🇬🇧 Luke ‘fearLess‘ Morris on Team Infused, a former brand known as one of the most competitive organisations within the United Kingdom. Together they achieved multiple podium finishes at numerous Insomnia iSeries LAN events.

With the addition of Maarc, our completed line-up is as follows:

🇬🇧 Luke ‘fearLess‘ Morris
🇬🇧 Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett
🇬🇧 Callum ‘Gilbert‘ Gilbert
🇮🇪 Robert ‘static_inner_flow’ Walsh
🇬🇧 Mark ‘maarc‘ Hammond

Viperio Founder & Managing Director commented:

“It is a blessing for Viperio to have the chance to work with veteran players like Maarc. Their years of experience can add value to the team both on and off the server. I look forward to seeing Maarc in action along with the rest of the team.”

Viperio Counterstrike’s first match of ESEA Season 37 is still to be confirmed. Our website will publish fixture details as and when available.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.