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Following the disbanding of our CSGO roster after the completion of ESEA Season 35 Main Division (EU) at the end of 2020, we’ve been patiently waiting for a new opportunity to re-enter competitive Counterstrike. As a UK based organisation, we’re keen to work with home talent wherever possible.

We’re delighted to present our new lineup moving forward!


🇺🇸 Charlie ‘K1NDEADLY‘ Weber (c)
🇬🇧 Luke ‘fearLess‘ Morris
🇬🇧 Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett
🇬🇧 Callum ‘Gilbert‘ Gilbert
🇮🇪 Robert ‘static_inner_flow’ Walsh


🇬🇧 George Thomas ‘Tink‘ Kelly-Rosser (Coach)

The roster, who formerly competing under Rasta Gaming, combines fresh talent with experienced veterans, to create a roster which aims to compete against the best teams in the country. The lineup contains names such as Luke ‘fearLess‘ Morris, known for competing on rosters such as EZSkins & MnM Gaming at events such as Dreamhack London 2015, and Charlie ‘K1NDEADLY‘ Weber, who previously competed in top regional divisions such as ESL Benelux Championship.

Charlie gave a statement about joining Viperio:

“We are looking forward to continuing our journey as a team and hope to make great progress under Viperio, whom as a brand match our visions for the future. We are thankful for the opportunity and hopefully we can display the same level of passion Viperio offers. The foundations have been laid and we are aiming to bring Viperio to the front end of the UK via future qualification to the ESL Premiership and ESEA Main onwards.”

Joining Luke and Charlie is Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett, Callum ‘Gilbert‘ Gilbert and Robert ‘Static_inner_flow’ Walsh. Following with the team is George Thomas ‘Tink‘ Kelly-Rosser, who will fill the role of Head Coach.

The rosters debut competitive event will be the UKCS Hub Cash Cup Spring 2021 this weekend, along with teams like Endpoint Academy, UMX Gaming & Team Xenex. The roster will also be competing in the ESEA Season 37 Intermediate (EU), and aspires to compete in the ESL UK Premiership in the future.

Make sure to follow the players and our team account on Twitter for updates!

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.