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In the latest instalment of the London Esports UKLC Aftershow, UK League of Legends caster Will ‘Viperoon’ Wittingham gave his thoughts on Viperio following a 1W-1L record after UKLC Game Days One & Two.

“1W-1L after the first week, I imagine [Viperio] are pretty happy with that set of results, especially seeing Resolve Academy being that hot off the mark team.”

Will believed that Viperio’s record after the first two game days was pretty respectable. As a team built with the intention of competing in the UKEL that was unexpectedly promoted into the UKLC, Viperio winning their opening weekend series and losing to the only undefeated team is a relatively impressive and safe start to the season. Will further commented saying that he was feeling “hopeful” for the Viperio team, expressing personal affinity to both the organisation and its players.

“I like the underdog, back to the wall thing that [Viperio] have got going on.”

As one of the lower ranked rosters in tier lists and in the public perception, many competitors see Viperio as an easier opponent to others within the division. With less pressure for Viperio to deliver, the underdog narrative may play in Viperio’s favour moving into future series in the tournament. Will further gave his thoughts on Viperio, discussing what he wanted to see from the line-up.

“I don’t want [Viperio] to become a we’re happy with survival team, especially this early on. I want to see them looking to challenge the top of the table, I want to see them try and fight for every single game.”

Will expressed a need for Viperio to not let their underdog rating to slow the team down, expressing a desire to see the Viperio side push for every victory they can. With players who have competed in the UKEL for many seasons, particularly JonnyREcco and Coomecoom, this season is an opportunity to prove that Viperio can contend at this level, and be a force to be reckoned with.

You can follow Will on Twitter: @eviperoon, and watch the original video highlight here.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.