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Aleks ‘VITO‘ Lyapun speaks with Viperio about his return to competitive Rainbow Six Siege esports, joining Viperio 86 for the Northern Premier League (NPL) and beyond.


As a new edition to Viperio 86, Aleks ‘VITO‘ Lyapun joins our roster for the 2022 Northern Premier League season. VITO is a former EU Pro League player and has competed at international LAN events in Valencia and Vegas. To help you get to know the Swedish player better, we sat down with VITO to hear his thoughts around joining Viperio 86, changes to the UKI Nordic ecosystem and the competition this season.

With the 3/5 roster rule, Viperio 86 previously had to ensure three players on our starting roster were UKI residents. With the merger of UKI Nationals and Nordic Championship, the talent pool available to all teams expanded massively. When asked about returning joining Viperio 86, VITO expressed delight in being able to return to play and work with such talented teammates from the region:

“It feels good to come back and grind. I want to grind all the way back to EUL with this team. I’m really glad to work with this talented roster.”

With VITO returning to competitive play for the inaugural Northern Premier League season, which sees the merger of the UKI & Nordic regional leagues, VITO expressed that while the changes make for a more competitive league, he did highlight the reduced financial incentives to competing in the region.

“Overall I’m happy with the changes to the UKI Nordics competitive system. While it’s disappointing that the prize pools for the two regions didn’t merge, the changes make Northern Europe a really good region for competitive Rainbow Six.”

Competing against 9 other teams in the Northern Premier League, we were curious to learn more about which opponent VITO was most excited to take on in the regular season. Having previously playing for Chaos Esports Club, VITO was keen to challenge a former teammate from that line-up who was also playing in the NPL.

“I’m most excited to play Natus Vincere since my former teammate Secretly is on that roster. It’s always fun to face off against former teammates.”

You can follow VITO on Twitter to stay up to date with his personal activity: @VITO_R6S.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.