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Following Viperio 86’s qualification for the Northern Premier League 2022 Finals in September, R6S commentator XRTROIKA and other NPL talent had positive comments to make about the Viperio 86 squad


Viperio 86 secured their spot in the Northern Premier League 2022 Finals stage with impressive victories against Team Coalesce (2-0) in UBR1 and Victus (2-1) in UBR2. Following the completion of both series, the NPL talent on the day produced favourable commentary around the Viperio 86 team.

Hungry was one player who received a lot of compliments from the broadcast desk, particularly for his showing during the Victus series.

XRTROIKA stated that Hungry has always been known for his clutches and was the standout player in that series:

“We know that Hungry is capable. He’s been storied with clutches in the past during his pro play career, but he really stepped up to the plate in a very big way. Viperio 86 is a star studded line-up, any one of the players can pop off but it was his turn tonight.”

XRTROIKA went on to add: “Hungry was still getting the plant down in a three versus one, even though Viperio 86 were on match point, even though they’ve got a couple rounds advantage. They weren’t taking any chances, the discipline. It would have been very easy for them to all have just flooded in one at a time and fall off, but Viperio 86 weren’t leaving anything to chance.”

Caster Grace was also impressed by both the team’s performance & Hungry’s clutches:

“They’re just so good. Again, this is absolutely why Viperio 86 did so well in the Challenger League qualifiers the other week. They’ve shown up against Victus who are a formidable opponent, no one can deny that. They were able to win this best of three and that last map was so clean as well. The Retakes, the clutches, it’s been absolutely disgusting. Viperio 86 are very well experienced players.”

Viperio 86 will begin their NPL Finals run by facing off against TENSTAR in round one on Saturday 24th September at 10am. You’ll be able to watch via the official NPL Twitch.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.