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Having played the first few fixtures with our new line-up, we spoke to zodi about adapting the team’s play style, the major qualifiers and more.


How are you having to adapt your in-game calling tactics with this new roster vs your last roster?

“I would not say that I have had to change or adapt my calling that much. The team made sure to pick the players up that would fit in the right roles and styles for the way that I (and the rest of the team) wanted to play.”

“I think I have a good understanding and philosophy for the way that I want us to play, so our existing style alongside the two new additions meant for little change to my role.”

You played in the EU Major Open Qualifiers today, run us through how you thought they went from your perspective.

“We got a bye in the first round, and the second round we had a good game. The third round we showed some good CS despite closely losing out.”

“In my opinion, we played well overall and had good-reads, but we just could not manage to close out enough rounds. This comes down to our total time playing together, which will only improve.”

You have a busy schedule this month, what are you doing to make sure the team is ready within the server?

“I am trying to review and learn as fast as we can from the limited time we have had together, which can at times prove to be difficult as we do not have a mass amount of games to review.”

“With that being said, we are all putting in a lot of work and I am really excited to show what we are capable of in the coming weeks.”

What are you doing as a in game leader to prepare for tough upcoming fixtures?

“Individually, I am constantly watching our games and other professional games back to try and improve any issues we are currently working on. This also gives me the chance work on improving my own in-game calling ability.”

“Keeping up to date with how other teams are playing is important to making sure that we are up to speed with any potential meta changes, possible new tactics, and valuable counter plays for any upcoming opponents.”


Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.